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Birmingham Bus Accident Attorney

Buses usually offer affordable, safe, and reliable transportation. They carry children to school, church groups to retreats, and commuters to work. Although accidents are relatively rare, they do happen and can cause serious injuries to large groups of individuals. If you suffer a bus-related injury in Birmingham as a passenger, a pedestrian, or another vehicle driver, you may need legal representation to hold the bus company accountable and secure fair compensation for your injuries. Powers Injury Law represents bus injury victims in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

What to Do After a Bus Accident

Bus accidents happen for a variety of reasons. Most involve some form of driver error. Either a passenger vehicle driver or the bus driver may drive while distracted, while intoxicated, or recklessly and contribute to an accident. Speeding is often a factor in the most dangerous and deadly bus accident cases.

If you are an injured bus passenger, pedestrian, or passenger vehicle occupant take the following steps after an accident:

  • Gauge your injuries, help others, and call emergency services. Don’t try to move if you suspect a severe injury and can remain in place without endangering yourself. If you can move, help others and call emergency responders for help.
  • Always accept medical support. At the scene of the accident, EMTs will help the most severely injured individuals first. While triage is important, everyone should consider seeing a physician after a bus accident. Avoid saying you’re not hurt when EMTs and law enforcement officers question you.

Some serious injuries may not manifest until hours or days after an accident, and the shock of the event can mask immediate symptoms. A brain injury, for example, could feel nonexistent on the day of the accident but cause serious and potentially permanent damage days later.

  • Keep exhaustive records. Record as much information as you can. If you are a loved one looking out for a seriously injured friend or family member, act as that person’s advocate and start a file. Keep medical records and travel receipts. Write down the name of the bus company, other drivers involved, and responding officer information when you can safely do so.
  • Contact Powers Injury Law. If you suffered a preventable injury in a bus accident, you have the right to fair compensation under the law either through a settlement or a court verdict. We understand the intricacies of bus accident claims, insurance negotiations, and local liability laws. Our office will explore every avenue for recovery to give you the best opportunity for recovery. While we can’t guarantee case outcomes, we will use every resource to protect your rights.

Liability in Bus Accident Claims

Bus drivers aren’t the only individuals who may face liability in a bus accident case. In cases involving school buses, for example, the school may face liability for the incident. Sometimes a defective auto part may contribute to or cause a dangerous accident. In these cases, a manufacturer, supplier, or maintenance company may face liability for the incident.

When cases involve bus drivers and passenger vehicle drivers, the courts must determine if either or both parties contributed to the incident. While bus drivers, as professionals, must use a much higher duty of care on the roadways, contributory negligence rules in Alabama can bar passenger vehicle drivers from recovering compensation if they contributed to the incident in any way.

Pursuing a Bus Accident Claim

When compared to passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and other modes of transportation, buses often offer a safer alternative. Unfortunately, accidents do happen when drivers and companies fail to follow relevant rules and regulations. After a bus accident, bus company attorneys and insurance companies will work quickly to minimize their liability and payouts. Reach out to our office to learn more about your legal options, hold the liable party accountable, and begin the recovery process. For a free case evaluation, call our office at (205) 582-2723 or send us an email at

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