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Birmingham Burn Injuries Lawyer

Burn injuries can result in terrible physical, emotional, and psychological damages. Burns often leave behind severe scarring or disfiguration, as well as amputations in some cases. Often, serious burns require multiple reconstructive surgeries and skin grafts, as well as extensive hospital stays and rehabilitative therapies. Some burn victims, especially children, may suffer post-traumatic stress disorder after a bad burn injury.

Many burn injuries stem from someone else’s negligence, giving the victims the opportunity to sue for recovery. At Powers Injury Law, we want to help burn victims recover for their medical bills, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. Come to our law firm for aggressive and compassionate representation if any of these incidents caused your burns:

Car Wrecks

Car crashes are common causes of catastrophic burn injuries. In serious collisions, victims can suffer extensive, full-body burns of the third degree. Third-degree burns are the most severe, damaging the outer layer of skin and the underlying tendons, muscles, or bones. Third-degree burns destroy nerve endings and require immediate emergency attention to try to save the affected limbs.

If a negligent or distracted driver led to your burn injuries in a traffic collision, consider a personal injury lawsuit. Jessica Powers and her capable team can help you file a claim against the party allegedly responsible. We will walk you through every step of the process, making your claim as stress-free as possible. Our goal is to help you focus on the one thing that matters – recovery.

Defective Products

It is a manufacturing company’s duty to release products that are safe for use by consumers. Manufacturers must take care to research products, design them to operate safely, and produce them without harmful defects. Defective products can cause all four types of burns:

  • For example: poorly designed hair styling equipment, hot food and drink items with no warning labels, defective hot water heaters.
  • A household cleaner without a proper warning label may result in chemical burns on the user’s hands.
  • A child’s toy with a short circuit can cause electrocution, as can electronics that do not warn to keep out of water.
  • One example is defective sun block causing ultraviolet radiation burns.

Negligence at any phase of the manufacturing process can lead to dangerous and defective products that cause burns to unsuspecting consumers – consumers who may then file a product liability claim against the responsible party.

Unsafe Premises

Premises with unreasonable hazards such as explosive devices, downed electrical wires, or volatile chemicals can lead to visitors suffering major burn injuries. In the event of a dangerous property condition, the courts can hold the owner liable for compensating burn victims. This includes buildings with inadequate fire safety measures such as fire extinguishers and unobstructed exits. Burns from a building fire fall under the heading of premises liability in certain situations.

Workplace Hazards

Burn injuries in the workplace from toxic chemicals, flames, radiation, or electrical hazards may give workers grounds to sue negligent employers or co-workers. For example, a construction worker with an electrical burn from improper training handling live wires may be eligible to bring a lawsuit against his/her employer. A lawsuit can result in greater monetary awards for burn injuries than workers’ compensation, in some situations.

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Burn incidents and injuries are too serious to go without the help of an experienced lawyer. Powers Injury Law wants to develop a real relationship with you during your battle against negligent drivers, manufacturers, property owners, employers, and other parties. After you seek medical treatment for burn injuries or if your loved one was killed due to a burn injury our Birmingham wrongful death attorneys are here to help. Call (205) 582-2723 or submit our online form to schedule your free consultation.

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